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Peter Vanderhelm is a Chartered professional Accountant (C.P.A. - C.G.A.) with expertise in business turnarounds through practical consulting.  Over the past 30 + years he has worked with numerous organizations in the USA, Canada and South Africa in the Food processing Automotive manufacturing, General Contracting & Development, Geothermal and service industries.  He has lectured or given seminars, both live and over the internet for outplacement firms, employment agencies and local colleges.

About Peter VanderHelm

Peter lives in the Muskoka Lakes (Canada), along with his wife Elaine and his dog Chief.  He works with a number of diverse clients and is a part owner of several business ventures in Central Ontario.  When Peter is not working or volunteering, he likes to play hockey, read and spend time with his family at the Lake.

His wife Elaine, have been together for over 30 years and together have raised 4 young men.

"I have learned equally as much about leadership from my family as I have from my various business and community service endeavors."- Peter


Peter VanderHelm

Professional Chartered Accoutant (C.P.A. - C.G.A.)

Barrie, ON