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Peter VanderHelm (C.P.A. - C.G.A.)

Kaizen is Japanese for continuous improvement, the idea that everything could be incrementally improved on a perpetual basis through focus and effort has stuck with me my entire life. When you combine Kaizen with the Pareto Principle (a.k.a. the 80/20 rule), and some visual tools such as graphs and charts, you have a very powerful model for change and improvement.... but you are still missing one key ingredient.... people!  You need people interested and engaged in this stuff in order for it to become a part of the culture.

Early in my career I had the good fortune of working the automotive parts manufacturing industry.  It was during that tumultuous time around 1989 when the Japanese were kicking our butts and we were reacting by trying to be more like them.  Names and phrases Taguchi, Theory Z and J.I.T. were becoming everyday words, but the one that had the biggest impact on me was Kaizen.


Peter VanderHelm

Professional Chartered Accoutant (C.P.A. - C.G.A.)

Barrie, ON


Peter has been exposed and involved in Entrepreneurship his whole life. His father and father-in-law are both successful life-long entrepreneurs, and Peter and his wife, Elaine, have run their own business, Vanderel Management Inc., since 1986 providing business and financial services for small companies.

After leaving the corporate world in 2001, Peter developed and delivered an online Entrepreneurial Training Course for a major international career-transition services company. In 2003 Peter decided this Virtual training and support needed to be available to ANYONE.