Peter VanderHelm

Professional Chartered Accoutant (C.P.A. - C.G.A.)

Barrie, ON


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Peter VanderHelm (C.P.A. - C.G.A.)

To get people engaged, you need leaders, not just managers.  People inherently dislike being managed, but they crave to be led!  Leaders attract followers and the real leaders aren't usually the ones we appoint as managers, they are the ones who just show up and attract followers.  Stephen Covey described it best when he said, "management is all about efficiencies, if there is a group of people we need to get up a ladder and over a wall, their job is to organize and schedule and push until everybody is up that ladder as quickly as possible... a leader's job is to make sure the ladder is leaning up against the right wall!"

  • Who are your leaders?
  • Where are they taking your organization?
  • What are your key issues, those few key things that make 80% of the difference?
  • Are you focused on and working to control those key issues or are you responding to the "Tyranny of the Urgent"?  That phone call, email, text or drop in issue that usurps your time and your focus.